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Kaunas Department of Lithuanian Artists’ Association is non-profit, artists association, founded in 1944. Kaunas Department unites professional artists, art historians and one honor member. LAA Kaunas Department organizes various art events, exhibitions, contests, cooperates with international art institutions and artists. The main goal of association is to protect freedom of creativity, to motivate artists to create more, to spread the word about Kaunas Department members’ art around the world.

Most important projects of Kaunas Department is International Glass Art festival Vitrum Balticum, Kaunas Picnic of art and Kaunas International Printmaking biennial.

The History of Lithuanian Atists’ Association

1935 on September 19th  Lithuanian Artists’ Association was established in Kaunas.

In 1940-1941 renamed as Lithuanian Artists’ Trade Union.

In 1941-1944 renamed as Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

In 1944 reformed to LSSR Artists’ Association and it becomes subordinated by SSSR Artists’ Association in Moscow.

In 1989 established independent Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

In 1990 the “Arka Gallery” in Vilnius opened.

In 1991 the “Šv. Jono Gallery” opened.

In 1993 Dailininkų Sąjungos Gallery opened.

In 1993 the „Gallery XX“ in Panevėžys opened.

In 1995 Vilnius Printmaking Centre opened. In 2000 gallery “Kairė-Dešinė” opened.

n 1997  the Gallery „Meno parkas“ In Kaunas opened.

In 1997 Art Publishing Centre opened.

In 1998  „Klaipėdos galerija“ opened in Klaipėda.

1998–2006 LAA was publishing the magazine “Mėnraštis”.

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