Casual news table – virtual and in paper… We take a chair to feast on serious dishes of global news and munch on flesh of local current affairs. Snacks, sweets, and popcorns aren’t also overlooked. And… in the kitchen of a news media the soup of made up news is steaming almost everyday. The choice of ingredients for junk food fake news and disinformation are infinitely diverse however certain groups reappear: “Breaking news! Famous X died!!?”, “Toxic substances thrown from planes are poisoning us!”, “Due to solar activity no electrical devices will work – it’s the begging of apocalypse!”. And when some ordinary demagogue Karlson excitedly buzzes his propeller near the ear, it is simple to persuade a public, that “Mars strikes again!”.

Why are fake news spread so effortlessly? Why is it so easy to believe them? Well, Homeland, daily Bread, Health and Neighbour are among the topics that concerns literally everyone. The importance of communication and social needs are of such greats, that ostap-bender financial beefsteaks and supernatural health beverages, taken from Kashpirovsky TV fridge are consumed by sufficient amount of uneducated minds overwhelmed with deliberately harmful viruses. This is how in bogus hodgepodge, constantly faced with nonsense icebergs, is titanic „the Truth“ drowning. The soup starts to spill over into the margins of platforms of information – eternal fields of ignorance, that are, according to A. Einstein as infinite as the universe.

It is well known, that certain news and affairs are at concern of the artists. Frequently they experience difficulties while navigating through communicational stream menu. But they try. Especially now, when chef Rebeka Bruder – chef for an exhibition “Fake News” and chef of Lithuanian artists’ association Kaunas department stands before “DELFI” (most popular news media portal in Lithuania) rubrics “Lie detector” and “Expose” table. What ingredients will 15 famous Lithuanian artists’ scoops out of fake news cauldron? What dishes will they make? How will they serve them? What utensils will they urge us to use – intellect, feelings, irony? We are inviting you to the sampling on 26th of November in art gallery “Drobė” in Kaunas.

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